Selected Journals

“This is Your Last Swim,” Mt. Hope, Fall 2013

“The Aerialist,” Salamander, Winter 2011/12

“Natural Wonder,” Ploughshares, Spring 2011

“Unravished,” Copper Nickel, Winter 2011.

“The Private Life of Skin,” Southwest Review, Winter 2006

“The School of Politics.”  Indiana Review, Winter 2004

“Companion Animal.” Ploughshares, Spring 2003.

“Lovesick.”  Night Train, Fall 2002.

“Live Life King-Sized,” Press, 1998 and The Best American Short Stories, 1999.

“Would You Know it Wasn’t Love?” Gulf Coast, 1997 and The Best American Short Stories, 1998.

“From Where We’ve Fallen,” Story, Fall 1998.

“Personal Effects,” River Oak Review, Fall 1997.

“Dysaesthesia,” Press, Fall 1996.

“Cuckle Me,” Story, Winter 1995.

“The Spiral,” Glimmer Train Stories, Winter 1994.

“The Edge of Marriage,” Story, Summer 1994.

“Claude Comes and Goes,” Agni, Spring 1993.

“Imagine You’re Somewhere Else,” High Plains Literary Review, Winter 1991.

“Sandra,” Carolina Quarterly, Spring 1990.

“Goodwill,” Ploughshares, Spring 1989.



Selected Journals


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“Live Life King-Sized,” in The Beach Book, Melcher Media

Would You Know it Wasn’t Love” in The Best American Short Stories, 1998, Garrison Keillor, ed.,  Houghton Mifflin Co.

“On The Narrow Side,” in Getting It On: A Condom Reader, Roberson and Dubner, eds., Soho Press