A conversation with Hester Kaplan

A conversation with Hester Kaplan Gambling plays an important part in straining your characters Mira and Owen’s marriage. Why did you choose this particular vice for your novel?

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Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb

Hester Kaplan is the author of the new short story collectionUnravished. She also has writtenanother story collection, The Edge of Marriage, and two novels, The Tell and Kinship Theory. She teaches at Lesley University, and she lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

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Femamom: An Interview With Hester Kaplan, The Author Of “The Tell”

Hester Kaplan writes about marriage. Whether it’s stories about couples trying to figure out where they stand in a relationship with her award-winning The Edge of Marriage or most recently, with her new novel,The Tell, she writes about nuances that exist under the surface–the kind that make you question your own relationship after you’ve read her work.

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